High Heel Health 101 - The Coveteur

I’m a luxury retail professional aka “I know I can confidently stand/run/climb ladders in 4in heels for 8 hours”. My secret, which isn’t a secret, are insoles and arch supports. They’re far from sexy but we’ve all seen that one woman carrying her heels in hand after a night of dancing and we’re more chic than that, aren’t we? 

Women (and men) are often shocked when I tell them that I can do an eight hour work day in heels. “Aren’t your feet killing you?” “I could never do that!” I would never advocate standing in heels for hours on end but if you do it right your next day aches and pains will be minimal.

I always do the following when buying heels:

I ask the sales person to stretch the toe box for 20-30 minutes per shoe. I already know I have a wide foot and have found personally that this will alleviate possible heel pain or stress from squished toes.

I wear “no show” or “toe socks”. When my feet are hot they swell which causes discomfort. Socks or insoles that wick away heat helps keep my feet from swelling up on a hot day (or a hectic Saturday afternoon rush.)

I take a few days to break them in, for example I’ll wear them for only four hours a day or two and then for longer stretches in the following days. I always have a flat with me incase I have to run a bit more or if I start doing the shuffle walk in my heels.

I alternate heel heights and styles. Always let your heels “dry out” between wears, we all have that one friend who admits to a less than fragrant pair of shoes. Take note that person probably wears them everyday in all sorts of weather and possibly without socks. The bacteria has festered, so yeah their feet stink.

Let your high heels and your calfs rest. Flats are our friends. The only thing I like more than a dope pair of heels is a dope pair of sneakers or flats. I’m not talking about breaking out your running shoes but get a few pairs of fashionable sneakers. I own pairs from Melody Ehsani x Reebok, Tory Burch, Cole Haan and Puma. 

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High Heel Health 101 - The Coveteur