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PINK!This bar is something I imagine would be something my friend, Jenn Nicole, would have in her bacherlorette pad (Sorry fellas, she’s happily taken.) The hot pink makes the room *pop* but the use of metals and no fuss clean lines bring it back down just a bit.

No home bar is complete without a wine cooler which is discreetly hidden but accessible. An ice bucket for your favorite champagne and a couple of candles make for a pleasant night in with your favorite guy.

ArtVeronica Zeebar cart, metal, pink

I vie for the day that ZW will be able to have his own home office/library complete with aged dark leather reading chairs, an over-sized desk, a rolling ladder, lots of books, an Afghan rug and a fireplace. (His wish list not mine!)

I’d also be sure to include a bar cart complete with his favorite scotches and whiskeys.

I like this bar cart selected by Style Redux, it’s not too masculine, yet, has just enough grit for a man to really appreciate it. The chrome accents and matching lighting make it “just right.” Complete with proper tumblers and several decanters you’ll have a very happy and proper gentleman on your hands.